Sunday, 30 March 2008

puzzle 6

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Irish Pete said...

It's good to see some more KenKen puzzles on the web. I've had a look at your puzzle no.6. When you compile a puzzle, you must ensure that there is only one possible solution. It can be, immediately, seen that this puzzle has at least 2 solutions. You have 2 "15x" boxes covering the same column space (rows 2 & 6) The only possible answer for 15x is 3, 5. The 3 & 5 can therefore be interchanged in these 2 boxes to produce 2 solutions. In fact, this puzzle has lots of solutions. Again, look at rows 2 & 3 in columns 2 & 6. The numbers 1 & 6 can, again be interchanged (as can the 6 & 1 in columns 1 & 2). It's important to understand how the puzzles work & apply some simple rules when compiling. Finally, you must solve the puzzle, to prove it has a unique solution.

Keep trying. If you wish to see some more, symmetrical, hand crafted KenKen puzzles you can visit the "Sudexel Discussion Board" at . There are KenKen puzzles posted in the "More Logic puzzles" section & the "Members Only Forum"